The Drone Strike is an interactive installation built to change the public perception of the technology behind semi-autonomous aerial vehicles. This drone does not drop bombs, instead it empowers the participant with the ability to drop flowers on ‘targets’. The installation is an interactive video which prompts the user to follow a series of steps which leads them through the process of arming and ‘flying’ the drone to the targets location. Each step is presented by the artist Sean McGowen dressed in full camouflage and tactical gear. The participant is tasked with gathering ‘ammo’ from a box full of flowers and attaching it to the release mechanism. After the successful completion of a step the user is then tasked to perform the next operation. Arming, flying, releasing, and returning are the four steps needed to complete a successful operation. If these steps are performed out of order or not completed in an appropriate time, the video instructions proceed to insult the user, calling them a pansy and ordering them to finish the experience. This installation was constructed using Max/Msp and an arduino for motor controlled movement.