Call for undergrad researchers

JOIN US IN THE WORLD OF DIGITAL ART AND NEW MEDIA. Work with DANM graduate students in creating the future of digital art! Take a look at some of the calls for researchers... and please feel free to contact the DANM grad students directly.

ART STUDENTS, be aware that only ART majors may apply. If you are proposed art (ART1) or pre-art (PRAR), you are not eligible for credit toward your major as an undergraduate researcher.

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Digital Game Development: Team Member Position - Winter 2016

Does being in a small, local game development team seem like something you'd be excited about?

“A Place to Be” is a thesis project in the form of a video game that focuses on generating empathy and identification in players as they learn how to “be” various creatures in an abstracted natural world.

Swapping from one form to the next is the core of the conceptual and mechanical experience, a shapeshifting ability quite impossible in reality that seeks to highlight the limitations of our singular, mediated perspectives while still emphasizing the importance of trying to understand and appreciate the “other.” The scale of this project demands some help from a development team, and this independent study would entail being a member of this small team!

The game seeks to have a rich and active world that challenges players to survive in different ways as each creature- in a practical sense, this means that many different systems need to be scripted for the game to function as projected. The visual design of the game foregrounds hand-drawn pixel art animations against basic, colorful and minimally textured geometry. As perspective and identification are such a strong themes here, it demands different assets be created to shape each creature’s unique “umwelt,” or internal experience of external forces.

I am looking for motivated people interested in the experience of making this game a glorious reality. Those with coding experience are the most essential, as I am primarily a visual artist with limited coding abilities. Having another artist to help with asset creation and animation would be a great fit as well. Some more suggested skills are listed below.

On the Engineering side:

On the Art side:

This independent study will count as DANM 199 and be worth 5 credits, with a maximum of 6 students enrolled. You will be evaluated based on evidence of personal progress and contributions to the project as a whole, as well as attendance in weekly meeting. Your name will be listed in the credits for the game, which is to be finished by April.

Contact me at with your resume/portfolio/whatever you need to show relevant skills and interest.